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St. Petersburg university of economics

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St Petersburg national economic university, also known as st Petersburg state university of finance and economics, is recognized in Russia, the ministry of education in Russia provided good finance and economics university on the table at the center of teaching and research. The school was founded in 1930 and became the largest financial research and education center in the Soviet union at that time. It was also the seat of the former central bank. In 2013, the university was merged with st. Petersburg state university of economic engineering and renamed st. Petersburg state university of economics. The school emblem is the sacred beast that guards gold.

St. Petersburg state university of economics has over 13,000 students and more than 1,000 faculty members. St Petersburg in Russia national economic university under the instructions of the ministry of education on the basis of full-time education open economy class specialized, such as the financial and credit, accounting, analysis and audit, statistics, the world economy, labor economics, human resource management, economics, national economy, electronic commerce (business), logistics and supply chain management, marketing, society culture and tourist service, mathematical methods in economics, application of computer science and economics, translation, law and so on. St. Petersburg state university of economics also has offices for international students, medical centers, football fields, swimming centers and student dormitories. So that students get enough rest and exercise after intense study. The school ranks high in the national ranking of Russian economic institutions.

2. School characteristics

The school is also one of the larger economic research centers of the Russian federation, providing theoretical support for Russia's economic development. Characteristic research: macroeconomics, economic growth theory and welfare system, management, marketing, finance, banking and insurance auditing and consulting, accounting and system, economic argument, human resource management, mathematical economics mode, economic informatics and the computerization of the economy.

The school has a high standard of teaching and pays more attention to creating conditions to tap students' personal talents. The teaching plan includes compulsory courses (70% of the teaching time) and elective courses (30% of the teaching time). Before two years, according to the teaching plan of the unified teaching system basic knowledge learning, the students according to the professional vocational course, after all the examination through professional Settings, you can get such as economics, statistics, business science and trade bachelor's degree in the research direction.

St. Petersburg state university of finance and economics has extensive international exchanges throughout the teaching, research, skills upgrading, consulting, marketing and other activities. Since 1948, the school began to cultivate foreign students for decades now boasts more than 70 countries of the world about 3000 foreign students to study, through the master, deputy doctor, Dr Defense, improve the professional skills. In recent years, university of finance and economics has actively developed exchanges with universities around the world, especially with universities in France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and China.

Students have rich after school life, sports are swimming, light sports, shooting, boxing, rowing, basketball, volleyball, college students, chess and other popular, play an important role in the college students in various game club, the students can be in the student's chorus, drama performers including many renowned, dance, stage art show talent in the community.

3. School departments and professional Settings

School of economics and finance

Profession: the financial credit, international economics, labor economics, economic planning and budget, enterprises and organizations, international business, accounting, analysis and audit, the international monetary and credit relations, economic theory, the world economy, the national economy, labor economics, finance and credit, financial management, tax, the state and government finance, securities, banking, commercial insurance, business valuation.

2. College of humanities

Major: foreign regional studies, ecology and nature, international relations, advertising and public relations, linguistics, journalism, communication technology and public relations.

3 law school

Major: theory and history of state and law, constitutional rights, civil rights, international law, finance and administrative law, economic law.

School of informatics and applied mathematics

Major: economic information, information system and technology, management and information security technology

5. School of management

Professional: administrative management, company management, logistics and supply management, marketing, international business, manufacturing management, tissue engineering, production management (mechanical engineering), oil and gas, construction, transportation, strategic management, public and private sector management, innovation management, property management, financial management.

6. School of engineering and economics

Major: industrial management (construction), industrial management (transportation), industrial management (petroleum and natural gas), industrial management (mechanical engineering), industrial management (chemical industry)

School of public and personnel management

Major: national and municipal management, economic security.

8. College of customs and trade

Major: customs science, customs management, customs logistics, customs organization.

School of tourism and service

Major: tourism, social and cultural services and tourism, hotel and catering management, fashion design, fashion and beauty

10. Art college

Major: arts and crafts, drama art.

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