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About us The team of the company is composed of returnees experts and renowned university teachers. 80% of the team members have overseas study experience. It is the main business of the company to help students formulate study abroad planning, analyze the professional setting of overseas universities, apply for schools, apply for overseas visas, conduct language training, and provide overseas services. Our business Mainly engaged in studying abroad business and short-term study Tours. Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, etc. Short-term study Tours: Russian study Tours, Canadian study Tours
3. Our service targets 1. Students or graduates of grade 2 and grade 3; 2. College students or graduates; 3. Undergraduate students or graduates; 4. Postgraduate students;
Our philosophy All for the student development, the student employment oriented! Send students to the world's best universities for their own development! Our culture Good faith, heavy service, professional guidance, students as the center! Our goal Send more Chinese students out to learn advanced technology! More foreign students will be introduced to study Chinese culture!
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